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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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It felt more like George was "emulating Kirk" in the films. Especially in his Captain role, he was very "Kirkish." That could actually be a character development; he learned under Kirk and obviously admired the hell out of him.
That's even borne out indirectly by Koenig. At one point in TMP, they had Chekov in the captain's chair (not in the final cut, though, probably watching would have been Kirk attacked by vger antibodies) and he caught himself running his finger down the side of his face and realized he was unconsciously emulating Shatner's Kirk.

I thought Takei's Sulu in TUC was a revelation; he had a grounding to him that seemed like real military, a little more by the book than Sisko but a for real performance (and about the only one of note I can ever recall seeing him give.) He didn't seem like a Kirk-clone at all, but a genuine character.

Upthread people were saying stuff about 'sulu for captain' being a campaign from well into the TOS feature era, but if you've read MAKING OF TREK CONVENTIONS, which came out in 1980 I think, it is pretty clearly stated that the 'sulu for capt' thing started during the early major cons in the 70s.
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