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Re: On Anonymous

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Like so many other so-called activists, Anonymous are hobbled by ego. They see themselves as badass revolutionaries dedicated to spreading anarchy and chaos (when was the last time they ever helped the government, or law enforcement?) but I see them more as comic relief.

Nobody gives a crap whether Anonymous "forgives". They are not as important as they would have us believe they are.
I don't think you know what Anonymous is (and isn't.)

Kruezerman wrote: View Post
I went to their Facebook and I found that they use RT (Russia Today) as their news source.

Now RT has been linked to the Kremlin and has been considered to be propaganda. They are vehemently against the government period.

I consider them more along the lines of anarchists and Libertarians but they seem to intimidate a lot of people, that's my problem with them. It's like you can't speak against them or else you'll feel their "wrath."
Anonymous' power is exaggerated.

It's important to remember that they are not one cohesive group. They are an extremely loose affiliation of individuals and groups who devote their time, brainpower, and computer resources to the causes and targets they choose. No one controls membership. There are no real rules to being part of Anonymous. That's really the point--they're everyone, and no one.

A lot of the time, being on the receiving end of their "wrath" really just means one or two guys were pissed off and they have access to a botnet with which to perform a DDoS attack. "Anonymous," as in the entire group, doesn't decide who gets attacked, when, and how. It's up to the individuals willing to do it.
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