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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Yeah, the healer is really meant for Tankasins while questing and soloing heroics. As a sorc, you're better off just using Khem and healing yourself--as I noted up thread.
Yup, that's what I generally do, though when fighting Elites I tend to reel off a couple of rounds of my DPS rotation and then settle back to heal Khem up several times in a row to get him up to around 75% which is usually about when I can get his static barrier up again. Not efficient, but usually very safe, especially if you're miles away from a med station and don't want to face running back through a hostile area to get to where you died.

Talking of hostile areas, the Sith Sorcerer storyline is really hotting up. I'm at level 43 now and loved some of the quests on Belsavis, especially the ones:

I didn't expect to enjoy Belsavis as the first few quests there were really dull, but as soon as you get into the older parts of the complex, the story really takes off. Some of the scenery was pretty cool too, like The Scar.

I'm now on Voss and the story/gameplay is pretty good here too. I've just finished the (first part of?) the Dream Walking quest.

In short, I'm really digging the game at the moment.
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