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Re: VOTE! Misc Av Contest:Mythological Creatures

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
Don't they carry? -a negative in this round is transferred to the next?
But, what if I have a negative in this contest, but don't even make an entry next round, then join the contest after that again?

Rhubarbodendron wrote: View Post
Kai, I think the problem is that this time it's such a difficult decision. All the avatars are awesome. Usually, we have one or several that are not quite as good as the others so that it's a comepratively easy choice.
It's a pity we have only 2 votes. Your fairy would have been my #3.
My #1 and #2 were RJD's and TD's avatars, but I am biased as I love wolves (occasionally meet some up in the national park) and because this mythical Danish king is very close to a mythical German emperor (Ours, too, sleeps till he is needed. He sits at a stone table and his beard has grown all the way through the stone. Let's hope there's a barber at hand when we need the emperor's help )
Yeah, I'm aware of that. The too-many-options problem, not the German emperor myth. But it sounds intriguing, making me wonder why I haven't heard of it before. What's the name of that emperor?

Anyway, thanks for your concern, but I'm good.
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