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And then, there's the constant mind game she seemed to enjoy playing at Bashir's expense--spinning him around her finger, and snickering all the way. *sigh*
You raise a good point. The more I think about it, Jadzia was pretty danged manipulative when it came to Bashir... and Quark, for that matter. She knew they both had feelings for her, and she loved using it against them. If there's anything I can't stand, it's somebody who toys with others' emotions. It shows a lack of class. Someone who has lived eight lifetimes should be above that sort of thing, shouldn't they?
I would say that rather than having "feelings" for her, what Bashir and Quark had for her was the hots. Not a lot of feeling there (at least not in the heart or mind ) is what I'm saying. If they did have feelings for her that were more substantive than lust, they didn't let these "deep" feelings get in way of making plays for plenty of other women, that's for sure.

And maybe this is because I am a female too, but I say any guy who goes around making passes at a woman who has made it very clear she isn't interested in him deserves to find out over and over again that - guess what - she is not interested in him. Actually, any female who does this (e.g. Chapel and Spock) deserves the same treatment as well.

Put me in the "meh" camp re. Jadzia, by the way. I thought Ferrell mostly did OK - not great but OK - but I do agree with those who have pointed out that it would have been nice if the writers had figured out what sort of person Jadzia was supposed to be instead of modifying her whenever it seemed to suit the plot.

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