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Re: Post-"Yesterday's Enterprise" events and entanglements

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Were the C survivors that Yar traded herself for repatriated to the Federation at some point?
I'd like to think so.

My personal theory is that during, or near, the events of Vulcan's Heart, Charvanek arranged to have the Ent-C survivors returned to the Federation. She seemed like a fairly reasonable person. Of course she couldn't do anything for Tasha, who was already the property of that Romulan general, but I'd like to think she could help the other survivors.
Looks like I'm going to have to read [I]Vulcan's Heart[I] for starters, then the SNW story. I am thinking that if they were repatriated, it was probably through an intermediary and thus kept the Romulans and the Federation from talking or meeting directly in accordance with what was presented in "The Neutral Zone".

But I can't picture Federation officials of 2344-ish being satisfied with the Romulans not giving up an alternate-history Tasha Yar along with the Ent-C survivors, who would surely tell the Federation all about where she was from and what she did to help assure the outcome of that battle. Knowingly leaving Yar in their hands would be too much to believe without a good explanation.

Perhaps another way of looking at it may be that at some point the survivors were returned to the Federation and sworn to secrecy about Yar, and then when Sela was a child an arrangement to get Yar back was concluded, Yar's existence and origin in an alternate timeline was covered up by Starfleet, and a young Sela was told that her mother had been executed to explain her absence while an old Yar now sits in quiet retirement somewhere...unless something happened to her in the interim.
The script for "Redemption Part II" suggests that the survivors were not repatriated.

PICARD The Enterprise C? It was lost... at the battle of Narendra Three... while defending a Klingon outpost from the Romulans.

GUINAN And... the survivors?

He regards her, perplexed. Where is this leading? But Guinan is an old and trusted friend. He'll follow along.

PICARD There were stories... that there might have been prisoners, taken back to Romulus. But those were just rumors.

She moves still closer to him, struggling with thoughts, feelings, memories... all of them a jumble that makes no sense. And yet...

GUINAN There were survivors. And one of them was Tasha Yar.

Picard stares at her. Is she out of her mind?
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