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Re: Going Veggie

SmoothieX wrote: View Post
You were sitting in short left field?

Good luck with the changes in your diet. A few years back, my cholesterol, triglycerides, and liver counts were through the roof and I had to give up alcohol other than on rare special occasions. Not fun considering I used to brew my own beer. But my levels dropped dramatically in short order, so well worth the investment in my health.

As for chili, Cincy style is fun. Never had the real stuff, but have made it from a recipe a few times. My favorite is a pork chili verde I conjured up one Super Bowl Sunday a few years back.
Thanks, Smoothie!
Yeah, we were actually next to second base, which I guess isn't really the short stop position.

The best Cincinnati style chili will be the one I try to make next.

KimM wrote: View Post
In agreement with you Sector7! Informative and funny! And inspiring. I've always been a committed carnivore. This makes me want to explore other options!

J. Allen, as for the ethics of vegetarianism, I grew up next to my grandparent's farm. We were trained early to harden our hearts towards what we saw. It was difficult; I think the natural inclination is kindness, and it never occurred to my elders that perhaps they should have allowed is to own our feelings of compassion.
I agree. You should be able to feel however you wish. I feel that if such a thing doesn't bother you, okay. If it does, that's just as alright. I was never completely comfortable with it, and as I get older, I find it less and less appealing. That's just for me, though, and I would never hold anyone else to that. We're omnivores by nature. What's nice is that it also lets me make a choice, and my body doesn't have to suffer for that choice.
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