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And to the ones who believe in the ancient alien theory as I myself do, don't be discouraged by the skeptics and naysayers. Like what Mr. Van Daniken himself said, "there's always going to be skeptic and critics" so to hell with what they say, and stick to your beliefs. Hell, when Copernicus and Galileo talked about the earth going around the sun, the authorities went after their asses. No real differences today....when a topic like this is brought up, there's always going to be venom towards it, but stick to your beliefs, and don't cower from it because the mainstream might get upset at you or ridicule you. Remember, we're in a world, unfortunately, that's so authority driven that they won't believe anything, unless a figure high in authority says it, even though we get lied to and deceived by said authorities....which makes no sense to me......I mean if your best friend sleeps with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you're not gonna still trust the fellow, right? Stand up for your beliefs, cause who's gonna if you don't, yes?
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