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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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No worries. I'm pretty aware that we're discussing properties of not only an exotic substance but essentially a fictional universe(s) where we don't really know how their stuff would actually work IRL. If we disagree it's all good anyway since it's your project and your vision
Just because it's my project doesn't mean that my "vision" is necessarily correct. I do look forward to criticism where people provide feedback and bluntly tell me where they think I've fallen too much in love with some pet theory clouding my judgement and an objective approach to come up with a feasible interior arrangement (it's better to have such criticism now while it's work in progress and can be fixed rather than have a finished result later that's faulty and more difficult to correct).

I realize now that to suggest that the "EPS relay" column (seen in "In A Mirror, Darkly" aboard Defiant) contains the antimatter injectors to the m-am reactor above was a whacky idea (add to this that the grey tubes on the outside do not extend beyond the bottom base of he column).

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