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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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You left out Jennifer Hale, the female Commander Shepard. To those of us who follow animation voice actors, she's one of the greats, and has certainly been one of the most prolific voice actresses of the past two decades.
She's actually my favorite voice in any of the games, bar none. I just figured she wouldn't be as well known as the rest, having not been in live action genre work.
And it's kind of a shame that Jennifer Hale has done so little live-action work, because she's gorgeous. Same for Tara Strong, one of the other most prolific and famous voice actresses today. I mean, I can understand why a really beautiful actress might want to go into a field of acting where she wouldn't be cast for her looks and could get a broader variety of parts than she might be offered otherwise. But it's still a disappointment for us viewers.

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But as for the rest... yikes. Especially when a bunch of these choices go against the specifically stated ethnicity of the characters. T'Ryssa Chen has very Asian features. Choudhry is ethnically Indian. Ezekiel Fisher is black.
Actually Frieda Pinto is Indian too. The problems with her as Choudhury are that she's a decade too young and a bit too short.

Also, Rhea McAdams is supposed to have mixed European/Asian features, at least according to her description in The Body Electric. I'm thinking maybe Lexa Doig for her, as a nod to the fact that she's played an android before (on Andromeda).
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