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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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From someone who hasn't been here long and hasn't dragged back all those pages to see what has been suggested. I am also not going to suggest people no-one has heard of.

New Frontier

Calhoun - Christian Bale
Shelby - canon
Soleta - Olivia Wilde (watch her in Tron Legacy)
Burgoyne - Kristanna Loken (hard to find a fit for an androgynous warrior)
Lefler - canon
Selar - canon
Mchenry - Zac Efron
Mueller - Charlize Theron (see prometheus)
Ci Swan - Idris Elba


Reyes - Antonio Banderas
Pennington - Ewan Mcgregor
Quinn - William H Macy
T'Prynn - Emily Blunt
Fisher - Robert Duvall
Ganz - Jason Statham


Hugh Cambridge - this has to be Hugh Laurie mixed with his House character.
Rhea McAdams - Rachel McAdams (similar name put her pic in my head)
Elias Vaughn - Christoph Waltz
David Gold - Richard Dreyfuss
Dominica Corsi - Victoria Smurfitt
Carol Abrowitz - Linda Cardellini
Christine Vale - Jessica Chastain
Dr Xin Ra-Havreii - Robert Downy Jr
T'Ryssa Chen - Ginnifer Goodwin
Zelik Leybenzon - Paul Giamatti
Jasminder Choudhry - Frieda Pinto
Aneta Smrhova - Olga Kurylenko
Nanietta Bacco - Helen Mirren
Uhm... Wow. Most of these are... really, really far off from anything I would picture. RDJ is an interesting choice for Ra-Havreii, though, and I can certainly picture Idris Elba as Si Cwan (maybe my favorite suggestion for him yet, actually).

But as for the rest... yikes. Especially when a bunch of these choices go against the specifically stated ethnicity of the characters. T'Ryssa Chen has very Asian features. Choudhry is ethnically Indian. Ezekiel Fisher is black.

And Christoph Waltz as Vaughn?
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