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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

From someone who hasn't been here long and hasn't dragged back all those pages to see what has been suggested. I am also not going to suggest people no-one has heard of.

New Frontier

Calhoun - Christian Bale
Shelby - canon
Soleta - Olivia Wilde (watch her in Tron Legacy)
Burgoyne - Kristanna Loken (hard to find a fit for an androgynous warrior)
Lefler - canon
Selar - canon
Mchenry - Zac Efron
Mueller - Charlize Theron (see prometheus)
Ci Swan - Idris Elba


Reyes - Antonio Banderas
Pennington - Ewan Mcgregor
Quinn - William H Macy
T'Prynn - Emily Blunt
Fisher - Robert Duvall
Ganz - Jason Statham


Hugh Cambridge - this has to be Hugh Laurie mixed with his House character.
Rhea McAdams - Rachel McAdams (similar name put her pic in my head)
Elias Vaughn - Christoph Waltz
David Gold - Richard Dreyfuss
Dominica Corsi - Victoria Smurfitt
Carol Abrowitz - Linda Cardellini
Christine Vale - Jessica Chastain
Dr Xin Ra-Havreii - Robert Downy Jr
T'Ryssa Chen - Ginnifer Goodwin
Zelik Leybenzon - Paul Giamatti
Jasminder Choudhry - Frieda Pinto
Aneta Smrhova - Olga Kurylenko
Nanietta Bacco - Helen Mirren
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