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Re: RIP Stan Musial, underappreciated legend

Three of my favorite baseball quotes are about Stan Musial (who may be the most underrated player ever because his career was at the same time as a similar and slightly superior player in Williams):

1.) "Here stands baseball's perfect warrior, here stands baseball's perfect knight." - Ford Frick

2.) "He didn't hit a homer in his last at-bat; he hit a single. He didn't hit in 56 straight games. He married his high school sweetheart and stayed married to her, never married a Marilyn Monroe. He didn't play with the sheer joy and style that goes alongside Willie Mays' name. None of those easy things are there to associate with Stan Musial. All Musial represents is more than two decades of sustained excellence and complete decency as a human being." - Bob Costas

3.) "How good was Stan Musial? He was good enough to take your breath away." - Vin Scully

Edit for another Musial story: Stan Musial was one of the first ballplayers to join SABR back in the day. On the old application form, they used to have a spot for "Area of Expertise" for the membership directory; Musial listed his as "hitting a baseball!"
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