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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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The cobbled together VHS movie version that was released here in the UK made a mess of the part 1/part 2 transition. Hopefully they've re-edited it.
Really? I always found that the transition on the VHS worked rather well - the music appears to shift almost seamlessly: you go from the buildup to the cliffhanger, into the orchestral sting in II as the deflector fires. Yes, there's a bit of a shift noticeable, but it always struck me as being well-done. The DVD version, on the other hand, goes completely in the opposite direction, playing the cliffhanger sting over the deflector firing (completely replacing the soundtrack at that point, including the sound effects), and then cuts it out abruptly when we cut back to the bridge. That was definitely a mess, and it struck me as odd why they would redo the transition when they had already done it once before.

Plus, it means we get rid of that opening bit of II, which I think almost manages to squander the buildup of, and dramatic tension earned by, the cliffhanger. I mean, Riker says "Mr Worf... fire."... and then everyone stands around for about thirty seconds before Mr Worf actually does fire!
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