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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andromeda, USS
B is for Bob Beltran.
C is for Chase Masterson. Hottest Dabo girl ever.
D is for Deneva. Final victim of the flying rubber vomit parasites.
E is for Evil Kirk. From The Enemy Within.
F is for Farragut. James Kirk's first assignment after graduating from the Academy.
G is for Gomtuu. A living spaceship.
H is for Hor'gahn. The Risan symbol that you wanted to get freaky.
I is for Iconians. Demons of air and darkness.
J is for Jet. One from the year 1969 tried to intercept the Enterprise during Kirk's first five-year mission.
K is for Klingon bastards!
L is for Larry. Lawrence Marvick. One of the original designers who worked on the Enterprise during the 2240s.
M is for Minuet. Riker's holographic lover.
N is for Non-Sequitur. One of Nomad's favorite replies.
O is for Orion animal women.
P is for Pylorians. One of many species seen or mentioned in DS9.
Q is for Quantum Slipstream Drive.
R is for Ramjet Propulsion. Some small vessels and shuttles were equipped with ramjets.
S is for Spock's Brain.
T is for Tiberian bat. We never saw one, but Spock apparently had.
U is for United Federation of Planets.
V is for Vulcan women. The women of Vulcan are completely logical. It is the only planet in the galaxy to lay that claim.
W is for War. Earth fought at least one with an alien species before the birth of the Federation in 2161.
X is for Xindus.
Y is for Yar. Natasha Yar. Head of security aboard the Enterprise-D during the ship's first year in space.
Z is for Zoloft.
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