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Re: Best Novels, Comics, etc. Set Between TOS Season 3 and ST:TMP?

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ME, MA was later retconned into happening duting the original TOS five year mission and then re-retconned into having happened post-TMP by later books in the Rihannsu series.
Supposedly. The version in The Bloodwing Voyages didn't get rid of all the TOS-isms, though (in MEMA or in Swordhunt). It changed the ranks, but left in stuff like the TOS uniforms, Chekov being at navigation, and Enterprise not yet having the TMP refit.

Post-TMP gives a more realistic timeline for The Romulan Way, so that's probably the way to go (and The Empty Chair is definitely post-TMP), but after so many years of considering them as being in the TOS era I find it hard to give that up!
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