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Re: Best Star Trek games ever: 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites

Ronald Held wrote: View Post
What is the uncensored version of egatrek?
EGA Trek was a really really compelling simulator of a war between the Federation and Klingon Empire, where you were the commander of the Enterprise - it had inventories, targeting torpedoes by coordinates, responding to planetary distress calls, etc, etc.

The original was pure Star Trek - but then it got censored due to copyright, and the Klingons were replaced with 'Mongols' etc. What an astounding game - I might have one of the few copies left in existence of the original, if the floppy disk still works.

wonderstoat wrote: View Post
How can one play these games now? Do you have to run them in some sort of emulator - or from DOS I suppose? Is there anywhere online you can play them (in a browser ...?)
Some of them might still be playable, I'm not sure. DOSBox is what people use for DOS games in modern operating systems if not. Some might need modding - I know Klingon Academy works, but has some graphical problems, which can be patched for XP, but maybe not Vista/7/8.
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