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Re: Camera movement and other driecting bits

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Sometime during the TNG era, Trek got a reputation as the stolid, conservative old guard of mass-media SF -- rather than the daring, envelope-pushing cutting edge of SFTV like TOS was.
I don't disagree but, continuing on from my post above, Brownlow rightly points out, "There is hardly a camera technique in existence that did not have its origin in the silent era. Wide screens, three-dimensional pictures, Technicolor, hand-held cameras, traveling shots, crane shots, rear-projection, traveling matte, Cinerama -- all had made their appearance by the end of the [nineteen] twenties."

Yes, we've largely exchanged film stock for digital, and pixels for matte paintings, but so far as visuals are concerned -- framing and placing an image on a screen, at home or in a theater -- there really is nothing new under the sun.

Incidentally, for hand-held shots in the silent era, camera operators were sometimes outfitted with roller skates -- so that assistants could "dolly" them!

I'm not looking to argue. I just want to point out that there were a lot of pioneers who did it all before. Our "modern" styles are just old techniques that for the moment have once again come into fashion.
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