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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Just read 26 - 29 last night. First off, it was a real pleasure reading it on the Android app, which was far more fluid changing the pages than reading off of the site on my laptop. Very nice indeed.

It was great to see Bart again, and his problem reminded me of the TNG ep with Barclay and the things he saw in the transporter beam. Could this be part of the crisis, I wonder?

Also great to finally see John Jones in this book, and in his native form as well. The Martian and the Dark Knight. This should be fun.

So, was the ape wearing some form of Babbage device, which made it sentient? I immediately thought of the talking orangutang from Mark Hodder's 'Burton & Swinburne' novels.

All in all, I'm still enjoying this 'season' greatly. It's keeping in spirit with the show while at the same time, its breaking new ground and truly feeling like a comic book. I'm in for the whole ride.

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