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Re: Does It Get Better???

Live Fast and Prosper: Impostors pretending to be the crew of Voyager scam aliens. Kind of a silly premise, but still fun and light hearted. No real complaints.

Muse: The power of a story! Wonderful departure from the usual sci fi plot. Everything about this episode was well done, from the guest stars, to the sets, and to the great message. This episode got to the heart of what Star Trek is all about.

Fury: Still digesting this one...Kes was never one of my favorite characters, but her return for one episode was welcome. Still, it could have been done better. The story was confusing and a bit unrealistic. How did Kes find and catch up to Voyager? And when she came back the second time how is it that she completely forgot the events of her traveling into the past? Her memory can't be that bad, seeing how she remembered where to find Voyager, and she obviously remembered a lot about the warp core and how it functioned. The resolution was silly and unsatisfying. Nevertheless, there's a lot of excitement, and I enjoyed seeing the flashbacks to season one.

@tighr: Sorry I haven't gotten around to rewatching that other episode yet. I'm on a roll going through this season. When I have 25 minutes for lunch in a couple days I'll watch the second half of that episode while I eat.
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