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Re: TNG Caption This! 301: Fate protects fools children & Caption Cont

Picard: Damn it, I knew this would happen. I waited a while for the new PADD and it says here that they're introducing a new one!

Worf: Sir, I've discerned the pattern. It's bridge, Ten-Forward, Stellar Cartography, Cargo Bay 3, Dr. Crusher's quarters, Engineering, then it restarts.

Picard: Wait, what was that last one?

Worf: Engineering?

Picard: No, the one before that one...

Worf: This is the last time I agree to role-play Empire Strikes Back with Data. I want to play Han, but no...I have to play Chewbaca and he's C-3PO.

Burton: He just doesn't seem to get it, can you explain it, please?!

Frakes: Mr. Fünke.

Fünke: That's Dr. Fünke...

Frakes: Whatever. Look, Brent's here, he's just at lunch. It's fine, we don't need a stand-in for this scene. Now will you please get the hell off of the set?

Fünke: Ah, man, I just whited myself, too.

Burton: That was great! Ever consider directing?

Frakes: Ha, I don't really think I'd be good at it?

Picard soon realized that while he was busy playing with the van de Graaff generator, the rest of the tour group had moved on.
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