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Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Thanks for the Thematically Pleasing!

on intercom: "Neelix to Bridge. I forgot to ask you Captain. What did you think of the special mood lighting I installed up there? It's supposed to reduce stress and increase efficiency. It cost me three weeks of replicator rations... Um, Captain? What's that sound?"

Carey: "I had the strangest dream. I went to this magical world and had these amazing adventures. And you were all there. You were this cowardly lion, Mr Tuvok, you were this scarecrow, Doctor..."
Chakotay: "I suppose I was a Tin Woodman..."
Carey: "Nah, you were the tree he was cutting down."

Kim: "So what happens when Ln X runs out of Blackadder the Third titles?"
Tom: "Duh! Blackadder Goes Forth."

Janeway: "Janeway to Paris... Tom, have you been using my Fair Haven holoprogram again?"
Paris on intercom: "Yes Captain. It is open to the crew."
Janeway: "Just put it back the way you found it Tom. I don't appreciate the surfing ninja turtle yelling 'Cowabunga' in the beach subroutine."

Naomi Wildman would be even more unimpressed with Seven of Nine's impersonation of a zit.
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