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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Then you're watching the wrong franchise altogether. The history of Star Trek is rife with unbelievable character behavior.
This is true. And, it will especially happen in a TV series (cripes, look at the inconsistencies in the characters in M*A*S*H, and that's a TV classic). With many writers submitting stories, or strict shooting times when a script has to be let go before it's as polished as it could be, some unbelievable character behavior across stories has to be forgiven as the nature of the beast.

The problem for me is when within a story, a writer has obviously written himself into a corner, and the only way out is to have a character do something completely unbelievable for that character or situation.

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Lol - Nitpicker's guides to Trek are hilarious. For the record I really enjoyed the movie despite a few nitpicks but I also enjoy poking fun at the nitpicks.

Let's not forget that one of our favourite movies could have been very different if Kirk had had the common sense to raise shields or if Khan had seen through Spock's cunning ruse that hours could seem like days (wow Spock is sharp). :P
Just to be devil's advocate (and kind of prove your point about being able to pick these nits forever):

About Kirk: Kirk admitted his lapse of judgement in the movie. It was a failure to do the routine. But was it out of character or unbelievable? Well, there is some arrogance and hubris in Kirk. And, Kirk seldom follows routine. I think that scene actually pointed out Kirk's flaw quite well.

About Khan: Khan may be superintelligent, but maybe he lacks the common sense to see the simplicity of Spock's ruse (intelligence and common sense do not always go together). And, there is arrogance and hubris in Khan, too. Plus, he was target-fixated on Kirk, so it's hard to say how clearly he was thinking about every little detail. I'd also say that as the movie went on, he was slipping into madness.
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