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Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Paris: Captain, I'm not sure Whack-a-Moles are supposed to shriek bloody murder.

Just keep playing! I'm not spending my Friday night on paperwork!

All I did was ask B'Elanna to help me scrub out some grass stains.
EMH: Why should she attack you for that?
Carey: With her forehead.
Chakotay: Oh, snap!
Tuvok: Lieutenant Torres does not respond well to verbal antagonism.

Then I showed her how I would spank her from behind.

And she went home with you?

No. But she didn't knee me in the groin!

You're making progress, Champ!

By the time you are eighteen and I am forty, I will have every male on this ship so rotten with STD's you'll think you're in a documentary about a cheese factory.

Sheesh, all I said was how they hanging.

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