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Re: Manti Te'o Makes Up Dead Girlfriend

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Holy shit, that ESPN interview is amazing. Te'o claims that he didn't realize he was a victim of a hoax until 2 days ago ... but reported the hoax to Notre Dame officials on the 26th of December ... a hoax that he apparently learned about on the 6th of December.

Either this guy is a sociopath with no moral compass whatsoever, or he is dumber than Forrest Gump. I mean, he has just done so much that is wrong and stupid here that there is no fucking way I can take anything he says or does seriously.
Since he's said on multiple occasions that he met her in person, why would anyone believe anything else he says now?

My problem with this story is how many people are still "giving him the benefit of the doubt." HE SAID HE MET HER. After the Stanford game in 2009. His father says she traveled to Hawaii "every once in a while" in 2010-2011 and now Manti Te'o says he "tailored his stories" to his father.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.
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