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Re: I am going Down Under!

Tiberius wrote: View Post
Any chance you'll be able to pop down to Sydney to say hi?
Unfortunately no... However, I want to organize at least one excursion outside the city.

junxon wrote: View Post
cover yourself in vegemite. that'll draw australians to you.
I didn't know about this stuff. I guess I have to try it! (I mean taste it, not cover myself in it!)

teacake wrote: View Post
I guess I should point out that being asian doesn't mean you aren't Australian.
Of course, I was actually thinking how to phrase it when I wrote it so as not to be misunderstood. My point was that I would expect to see more people of non-Asian origin, which is not the case.

Jono wrote: View Post
The Uni should have a service that can help with off-campus accommodation.
It has but it is not of much help, as everyone is interested in at least 6 months lease, even if they do not say it upfront...
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