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Some "Court Martial" notes.

First, some recusing matters. The prosecution is the defendant's ex-girlfirend/lover/whatever?? What the...TNG manages to avoid it in "The Measure of a Man", but here it's just crazy.

Even worse: The President of the Court has vowed to break the defendant, I can only assume he's appointed three other judges with the same ambition.

Now another matter, Sam Cogley. Kirk's only chance is a crazy lawyer who cross-examines no witnesses, has no objection to the prosecution's INSANE implications that Kirk acted out of malice. And when The President of the Court is starting to worry that this is looking TOO much like a railroad job....Cogley says, "I'd like to skip all this preliminary shit and get to the most damning piece of evidence...THAT APPARENTLY I HAVEN'T SEEN, AND HAVE NO DEFENSE FOR."

And afterwords, to Kirk: "Well, that was crazy. Did you see that?? That was crazy. Man. Computers don't lie. Did you know they were going to actually show that? Wow. I can get you to change your plea you know. Cause....shit...did you see that??? They have actual records and stuff man!!"

So finally when they reconvene, after calling one witness, entering no evidence, cross-examining no one. Cogley literally throws his hands up in the air. If it wern't for Spock, Kirk would be working as a cargo handler on the edge of the galaxy.

And when Spock does find something...

COGLEY: "I'd be delighted to rant and give a completly irrelevent to the case speech that sounded like Alec Baldwins closing debate remarks in the 30 Rock episode "There's No i in America"...."Hammurabai, The Constitution, Martian...I demand DEMAND!!"

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