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Oh, man, I love a good old pot of beans. I also like to cut big chunks of Vidalia onion into the pot. It adds this flavor that's hard for me to explain, but it just tastes so good!
When I do eat them, I like slivers of raw onion and apple cider vinegar on top. I learned that from my best friend's mom while in college.

This begs the question to all: How do you like your beans?

Also, since I am eating healthier... Mom only has upper dentures, therefore she cannot chew food well. I see quite a few raw veggie dishes here. How can I compromise? I need dishes where I can cook the same items crispy/crunchy for me AND softer for Mom. Puree is out of the question. The food becomes mush and too soft even for Mom. An example is Chinese stir-fry: I'll make it normal, eat mine right away. By the time I finish eating, Mom's is soft enough for her to enjoy. With only the two of us, it is much too expensive and time consuming to fix separate meals. [Hope that made sense... I had a big day & am exhausted]
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