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Re: Which actor is most bitter?

From my understanding, the Pertwee-T.Baker feud had something to do with who did the better performance. Keep in mind, I'm in America and at the time the largest bodies of fans were either Baker or Pertwee and maybe they were competing for the fan base? (And then there was Peter sweeet!)

Tom may have had some words with co-stars at the time but none of them expressed any dissastisfaction with him at any of the conventions I attended. Tom may have had problems during his tenure as Doctor because I remember hearing some rumours about him doing some heavy drinking????

As far as Tom being unreasonable, I'd like to tell you he was very nice to me when I met him at a convention. This was back in the early 1980s when he decided that he was going to come out of hibernation and do a convention or two. It was at a small hotel that was so filled with Baker fans they had to spill out into the parking lot to see him.

I was dragged to see Tom because my friends were big Baker fans (I was, of course, the only die-hard Pertwee fan in the bunch) and I agreed to go along. He signed autographs for a good three hours...and was surrounded by women who treated him like he was The Beatles, if you know what I mean??? If I was him I would've gotten sick from all the swooning and giggling going on. But he was totally pro, being very polite and charming, signing every autograph with a hello and a smile.

Okay, so it's my turn to approach the table. I had no idea what to say, I mean, afterall, this guy was not my Doctor, I thought Pertwee did a far better job than he did and what was I going to say to be polite???? He said hello, I put down my poster for him to sign and after he asked for my name there was this awkward moment of silence...I had no idea what to say, but I had to say something. Finally, I just said, "I really enjoyed your performance." He looked up wth a kinda stunned look on his face, stood up, hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, very much indeed," he said really sincerely.

Wow! I was not expecting that.

But I kept my cool and said, "You're welcome." He did do a good job. Not as good as Pertwee, but....

You should've heard the women in that room swoon, including my friend, and well, she never talked to me again because I got a kiss from Baker and she didn't.

Oh, well. He seemed like a really nice guy. It just seemed like he wanted some recognition for his work...and not how cute his curly hair is!

By the way, I really do like Tom, but he's no Jon Pertwee!
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