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Re: Going Veggie

Count Zero wrote: View Post
I don't think escalating it really helps matters. Some people just seem to have a weird kind of inferiority complex when they're faced with someone who's a vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons. People tend to feel very strongly about what they eat, I suppose. I usually take it as a sign that they might feel bad about eating meat at times. It also helps to say that you feel sorry for the animals rather than that you think it's wrong to eat them. I used the latter phrasing just once - it didn't go over well.
Usually, when people find out you're vegetarian/vegan they will ask you about it. I think it's best to stay polite and friendly because I believe that's a better way to get them to think about it.
Well, it's all in good fun. I only get annoyed when someone gets pushy. Up until that point, I'm as pacified as peach pie.

Grey wrote: View Post
Yay! I totally support you, J. Allen! Glad to hear it's had such a marked effect on your health so far!

Myself, I just don't like meat for the most part. The taste, the texture, the way it feels in my mouth, the way I feel after I eat it...bleck. Especially beef.

I do, however, love seafood and some forms of dairy (mostly cheese), as well as eggs.

So I do eat meat, on occasion. But people cooking for me or eating with me have come to think of me as vegetarian (comparatively speaking) because if there is a choice between vegetarian anything and something incorporating meat, I'll almost always pick the former. And we do a lot of vegetarian cooking around here, to the chagrin of my carnivorous family members.
Thanks, Grey! To be honest, like Count Zero was talking about earlier, I started seeing the animals I was eating, and while that wasn't the biggest motivator to move to vegetarianism (my health is the biggest), it still played a role, and now if I visit a farm, I shall pet the animals with impunity. IMPUNITY, I SAY!


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