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Re: The Caregivers' Thread

Thursday night we had snow... around here it's a big deal. School was closed Friday, so then and today we had a houseful of kids. Mom and I both love it, the girls were hanging out with her and the boys with me. While it can be hectic at times, who's kids aren't like that?

We got a lot of work done, and had so much fun. Our detached garage has become an extended storage closet. The boys want to realize my goal of turning it into an entertainment room for playing pool, watching TV, etc. Mom still remembers many recipes from her restaurant days, so the girls enjoy learning from her. The kids cooked hamburgers and french fries for lunch today... and cleaned it all up afterward, HONEST!

My point is that yesterday and today were RESPITE days for me... and for Mom! I feel much more refreshed and ready to do what needs to be done.
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