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Re: First Contact Censorship?

Of course, censoring of minor obscenities runs the risk of people thinking of worse obscenities. I remember seeing Glenn Campbell once on the old Dick Cavett show and he says he's got a joke but it's kind of off-color. Cavett says, well go ahead if it's too much they'll just bleep it. Well, Campbell tells his joke and they censor the punchline. Not the whole joke, mind you, but the punchline. And you just know that what you're thinking at that moment about the ABC censors is a dozen times worse than anything that would come out of Glenn Campbell's mouth.

Some message boards censor certain words, even when used in a totally innocent context. Such as the first name of the last Vice-President! I suggested using the proper anatomical term, such as Penis Cheney, Phillip K. Penis, or that noted comic actor Penis Van Lesbian.
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