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Re: The Wheel of Time

Further books down the road were more than a possibility when Jordan was doing his work on A Memory of Light. He had signed a contract for an "outrigger" trilogy set about ten years after the end of the series, and planned to start work on it as soon as A Memory of Light was finished. He'd described the premise for the trilogy; since some might regard it as a spoiler, I'll code it.

Also, Jordan's notes make clear that the Tinkers will never find the Song; they're looking for something that doesn't exist in the way they think it does.

As Admiral Young says, the epilogue was written by Jordan, except for one scene (I'll say which in a spoiler box below), so he wouldn't have done any heroic send-offs beyond what you get there.

I do think Jordan would have written a final book that was less focused on hundreds of pages of battle scenes and more on character interactions.
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