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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

When SGU first aired in 2009, I was really reluctant about it because I thought they were just trying to imitate BSG. So I went into it with this preconception that it was just going to be a BSG clone. I watched the premiere and the first couple of episodes, but after "Light" I decided I'd had enough and I gave up on it. I found the show to be really dull and cliched, with bad caricatures and overplayed angst. Basically clone of BSG without the quality, like I'd imagined it would be.

But now I really regret dropping the show. On a whim I decided to give it another shot and started watching the first season again a few days ago. I don't know what's different, but now I absolutely love the show. I've already burned through most of Season One (just watched "Lost," episode fifteen, earlier today) and I can't wait to see how this one ends and how Season Two turns out.

I feel like an idiot for giving up on the show when I did, and I'm also really disappointed that SGU only got two seasons. I guess a lot of people reacted to it similar to how I did and the numbers just dropped too much. Too bad.
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