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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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Or we can take this a step further and suggest that it was actually someone else in the room. Do we know for a canonical fact that no one else on Destiny had a red "You Are Here" t-shirt?

I can go at this all day.
Maybe they swapped shirts. She wore his red one, and he went around wearing size extra-small, women para-military garb. Ya never know!

Which brings up another nitpick that always bothered me about SGU - two years, and nobody at any point (at least that we saw on screen) said to themselves and others "ya know... I am starting to stink a bit. Maybe we should find a way to make some new clothes so we don't have to wear the same shit all the time!"

I mean, I realize resources were limited, and that there was no doubt some way to clean their clothes as well as bathe (it was a wonder Eli's shirt didn't fade at all in two years), but still. Wasn't there any ancient sewing machines around? They clearly had bedding, and other sources of fabric. Someone make Eli a new shirt for God's sake!
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