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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Hmm... it's been a long while since I watched it, but if I remember the ep correctly, letting Tuvix live would not be a double murder. Tuvok and Neelix had already been "killed" in an accident... Tuvix's death was premeditated murder in order to "resurrect" the original two.
I've seen that argument made and I've never understood why.

Transporters can't bring the dead back to life. Tuvix wasn't a real boy, he was the result of a transporter accident.
He was still a self-aware individual at this point, presumably with the same sentient rights that the Federation recognizes for all intelligent lifeforms.

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It's made that way for the ethical aspect. This is about murdering a blameless person to revive two.

The transporter or whatever macguffin is neither here nor there
No one ever picks on Starfleet for that episode where Troi took the bridge officer exam and had to order Holographic Geordi to his death to win. Would Faux Geordi have been within his rights to refuse?
We've seen Starfleet officers ordered to do something that will result in their own deaths many times... but it's always been for some greater cause. In the example you cited, it was to save the ship and all lives on board, IIRC. Similarly, people have been ordered to stay behind to hold a defensive line, or to fly their ship into a Borg cube. If someone was ordered to just step into a transporter so their atoms could be dispersed across space, I think they'd have every right to refuse.

A more relevant example might be The Enemy Within. IIRC, Evil Kirkô also professed his desire to live before being reintegrated. Was it right for Good Kirk to force reintegration on him? I'm honestly not so sure that it was. Good Kirk wanted it, but Evil Kirk didn't; although they were originally the same person, by this point they were two individuals, much like the two Rikers in Second Chances.
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