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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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Eli got to with his cute redhead on Destiny, at least once, I think
All we know canonically is that he took his shirt off while in her room.

Hey, I'm sorry, canon is canon.
Man, that's cold. Dude gets play once in 2 years, and you wanna take it away from him
All I'm saying is that canonically speaking we don't know for a fact that any hanky-panky took place. All we know, canonically speaking is that he went into her room, took his shirt off, and was not seen when Wray dropped by and saw the shirt laying there.

This is a Star Trek forum, that means we have to be anal and accept only that which is made clear and definitive on screen as actual canon.

Or we can take this a step further and suggest that it was actually someone else in the room. Do we know for a canonical fact that no one else on Destiny had a red "You Are Here" t-shirt?

I can go at this all day.
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