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Re: I am going Down Under!

Yeah, Australia has a high percentage of people not born here. It was around the 25% a couple of years ago and I think around a quarter of that was people born in Asia. Also around one in ten Australians have some Asian ancestry. You also might be in a suburb with a high Asian population as well.

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Hello everyone!

I am already in Brisbane! I've been here for two days and it seems lovely. I find it very hard to find a place to stay though, as everyone is waiting for the new wave of students in a few weeks and doesn't want to lease for only 3 months...
The Uni should have a service that can help with off-campus accommodation.

Anyway, things seem very nice (except that it is too hot! - and that's coming from a Greek person...). I hope I 'll have some time to see stuff outside the city as well, I wouldn't want to miss that opportunity.
Count yourself lucky you didn't have to spend a day in Syndey. They had a day in the mid-40s on Friday.
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