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^ With chili you live and learn! Each time you make it you'll be able to hone it more to your personal tastes. And I DO like it spicy!
I did rather like it, even the beans worked well, but not as spicy for me next time. Bro liked it, even though he too agreed that it was a bit spicy.

Also, I think your native american blood helps you with the spicyness
I think it's more likely the cajun on my dad's side. When you grow up eating jambalaya that can clear your sinuses -- on the days dad cooked we kept a tissue box on the table! -- and snacking on sliced jalapenos during movies (seriously, sliced jalapenos was my favorite movie/TV snack), you end up with a high tolerance for spicy.
Cajun as well will do it. Jalapenos as snacks, now that's spicy! I honestly feel like such a wimp. I used to be able to handle spicy stuff much better but I guess I've lost my tolerance.
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So far I've received the "so you think meat is murder?" line once, and the "You think you're better than us?" question twice in the past couple of days. Things are going swimmingly.
Some people. To the latter I would've said "Yes, since you're asking, I think I am."
"I am who I am. Someone has to be."-Brendan Gleeson as Reynald in Kingdom of Heaven. - Emher
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