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Re: MLP:FiM S3E10 - "Keep Calm and Flutter On" Grading & Discussion

The world doesn't change for his absense, only his presence. Having him arounf damages the world, and ponykind.

Sorry but no. This creature reined for centuries destroying pony kind to the point of the Alicorns intervening, when he returned he mind raped all 6 of them, Fluttershy more forcibly than the rest, to prevent his new reign. He would have had them starving, dying in months, and showed zero concern at all for the lives he was about to take or the violation of living beings around him.

Someone weak, mortal, insipid and seemingly incapable of standing up to anything making him cave in entirely after millenia of sheer psychopathic frenzy? no.

It's dumb beyond any childish resolution this show has used.
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