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Re: All the Doctors in one.

It's also quite possible that the Doctor only barely scraped by the basics in regeneration class, much as he nearly flunked out of every other class at the academy.

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Interesting how the multiple "backgrounds" surrounding the composite Doctor's face in that first image resembles (to me at least) regeneration energy or a "zoom: effect for an opening credits sequence.

Has anyone seen the video clip that "blends" doctors Hartnell through Tennant into a composite. Similar concept, but animated.


What strikes me about seeing that is how SUBTLE some of the key and defining differences in features between people are.
Yeah, those transitions are pretty damn eerie going from the subtle, almost imperceptible changes during Doctors 1-6 and 8-10. Sylvester McCoy is the only one that really doesn't look a thing like any of the others.

One thing that struck me especially was during the McGann to Eccleston transition, midway through, it looked quite a bit like how McGann looks in the more recent publicity photos he shot for the audios.
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