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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Also, I really hope that when you say I skipped the

Kegg wrote:
funniest and best written and important and most memorable episodes of the show's run
that atleast you weren't including Won't Get Fooled Again in that
Actually I was thinking specifically of that episode.

(I'd also argue that The Princess Trilogy/WGFA were in no way important overall, since I got 15 episodes farther than the Trilogy, and it was never brought up, not even once, in any of the episodes).
That Crichton has a Scorpius voice in his head that talks to him is established in the Princess Trilogy, after having been established in Crackers Don't Matter. That this voice is real and a neurochip is established in Won't Get Fooled Again. The Princess Trilogy also introduces the Scarrans (who appear again in Won't Get Fooled Again) and have Crichton make an important choice - choosing to spare Scorpius' life - which has major ramifications.

It's true the main plot of Kiss the Princess is a standalone story, but it includes a lot of arc seeds that are important for the show down the line. Like or hate the trilogy it's in no way tenable to suggest it didn't have a long term impact on the series.
I guess it would have been better to say that it was not a neccessary Trilogy to watch, in that you won't get lost or anything by skipping it. All of the things that continued from that episode I figured out/was told in the episodes after, for the most part (I will admit that the scarrans were a little confusing, first seeing tone when John was getting the chip removed after having never seeing them before). So, some things were important, but like you said, they had nothing to do with the overall plot of those episodes. So, the trilogy's story had no impact on the series, just some things that could have been stuck into any episode.

Won't Get Fooled Again, however, is a complete waste of time, and is just a horrible episode. If I was forced to watch a bad Farscape episode, I'd take Jeremiah Chricton over WGFA. Heck, I might even take A Human Reaction over WGFA, although AHR only wins because I think a horrible cliched story would be more tolerable then a horrible story with terrible humor.

Ok, before I have every Farscape super fan ready to burn me at the stake, I think I should just stop talking about Farscape
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