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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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re the kissing scene: Guys, guys...that kind of thing is simply Abrams weakness. Alias and Lost were rife with that sort of thing.
Meh. I've seen little of either show but, as was pointed out upthread, it's not uniquely an Abrams thing - just a movie thing.

It's not as if real-world elapsed time and in-story elapsed time are moving at a 1:1 synch rate, anyway. That 28-second(?) kissing scene? In actuality, it occupies only 5 seconds of story time - tops. Consider the "tense and dramatic countdown to near-certain oblivion" sequence which, in countless movies and Star Trek episodes, takes as much as three and a half real-world minutes to play out (not counting the interruption for station break/adverts) - it's same deal. In story time, it really is a sixty-second or thirty-second or ten-second countdown, and not one second more than the time being counted off. It just requires more real-world screen time to fit in all of the meaningful looks and drama and stuff, right?
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