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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Lol, Bar-Soom.
From how it sounded to me, and given DC-Martian naming conventions, I suspect it's probably something like B'arzz O'om. But yeah, cute.

So if Scarabs come in multiple colors, it's quite a coincidence that the one Ted Kord unearthed just happened to be blue. Anyway, I liked the moment in the teaser when Atom and Bumblebee were inside someone's bloodstream doing the ol' Fantastic Voyage routine, and the mechanical antibodies started swarming out of the invasive object, and then I put the pieces together: "Oh! Blue bug-thingies! They're inside Jaime and that metal thing is the Scarab!"

One thing bugged me: the scene in the cornfield where Robin gave the others instructions telepathically. How? There were no telepaths on the squad. Who was linking them?

Also, I think that security guards in fictional universes should be trained with certain standard guidelines, such as:

If you see a monitor fritz out for a few seconds and then seemingly go back to normal, immediately go to that location. Do not assume you're still seeing a live image.

If you hear a noise like a rock or small object hitting the ground in one direction, immediately search for intruders in the opposite direction.

And so forth.

Meanwhile, over in 3-D space on Green Lantern, we finally meet Sinestro. A decent introduction to the character, who I assume will be playing a major role this season. I'm a bit surprised to see the spider aliens returning, since I thought they were from an incredibly remote part of space.
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