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Re: Did Vulcan space have a name?

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Why do people quote books as though they're authoritative? They're non-canon, folks.
"Canon" is overrated. Canon just means the core work as opposed to derivative works. It doesn't mean some kind of official seal of approval. We're fans, not employees of CBS Studios, so why do we need official approval? This is a work of entertainment, of imagination. It's something we find fun and interesting. It's not study material for some exam where we have to get the "right" answers.

So relax. Nobody is quoting anything as though it's "authoritative," because of course the whole thing is imaginary. We're merely pointing out what the tie-in materials have asserted. The core body of the fictional franchise has not addressed the issue, so we turn our attention to other interpretations of the fiction which have addressed the issue. We're not claiming it's the "true" or "authoritative" answer, we're just talking about stories people wrote.
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