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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Also, I really hope that when you say I skipped the

Kegg wrote:
funniest and best written and important and most memorable episodes of the show's run
that atleast you weren't including Won't Get Fooled Again in that
Actually I was thinking specifically of that episode.

(I'd also argue that The Princess Trilogy/WGFA were in no way important overall, since I got 15 episodes farther than the Trilogy, and it was never brought up, not even once, in any of the episodes).
That Crichton has a Scorpius voice in his head that talks to him is established in the Princess Trilogy, after having been established in Crackers Don't Matter. That this voice is real and a neurochip is established in Won't Get Fooled Again. The Princess Trilogy also introduces the Scarrans (who appear again in Won't Get Fooled Again) and have Crichton make an important choice - choosing to spare Scorpius' life - which has major ramifications.

It's true the main plot of Kiss the Princess is a standalone story, but it includes a lot of arc seeds that are important for the show down the line. Like or hate the trilogy it's in no way tenable to suggest it didn't have a long term impact on the series.
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