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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Elias Vaughn wrote: View Post
No one ever picks on Starfleet for that episode where Troi took the bridge officer exam and had to order Holographic Geordi to his death to win. Would Faux Geordi have been within his rights to refuse?
I'm not sure, I don't know starfleet's rules and regs

But I know that
A)They wouldn't have forced him to do it(worst case he would have been court-martialed)
B)Starfleet would probably have taken a dim view if troi sat la forge down in the ready room and said "please kill yourself so that two of my buddies can live"
C)Tuvix isn't a starfleet office, although he has the memories of one.

Ronald Held wrote: View Post
Should all of the Janeway posts be at least pasted into TET thread?
T'would be best I think

this is one of the wildest tangential rollercoasters I've ever been on
may even pay for the photo
In defeat, malice. In victory, revenge.
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