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Re: Sy Fy cancels Alphas

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I stopped watching Charlie Jade when my dvd player died.

I took that as a sign from god.
You must have misunderstood the sign.

Charlie Jade is very good.

The first 5 or 6 episodes are pretty confusing and difficult to get your bearings and understand the different 'verses and travel between them and so forth, because you are seeing the show through Charlie Jade's eyes, as he learns stuff. Once you get your bearings, though, it's a fantastic show, every bit as graphic, gritty, and realistic (and more so) as NuBSG, but, wth a character providing more obvious humor t break up the drama and hopelessness, so, you never get the feeling of wanting to slit your your wrists that NuBSG somtimes left you.

For longevity's sake, it was perhaps a mistake to make the audience as ignorant and confused as the lead character, but, it's definitely worth sticking with until the end.
The entire writing staff left and were replaced after the first eight episodes. It's one of the few instances of mid-season total writer turnover that makes a show vastly better.
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