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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“Mister Anders, you do realize the risk—to you personally—in what you have proposed?” Mathias asked with a frown. He was seated at his desk, and Sam Anders stood before him, flanked by Doctor Sarris, Sidewinder, and Captain Aisne; Tom Jayne sat to one side and shook his head, either in disbelief of admiration. “A Raptor lacks the radiation shielding of this Battlestar—or the former Cerberus Anchorage. You will exposed and vulnerable—for at least one hour, possibly longer—and that is more than ample time for you to begin to suffer the effects of the radiation.”

“We don’t know if the radiation affects human-form Cylons, Commander,” Sam answered. “And even if it does, well,” he shrugged. “I was never asked if I wanted to be a Cylon and until a few days ago, I never dreamed I would be a Cylon. I am not going to be defined by the crimes of Daniel Graystone.”

“I understand that, Mister Anders, and I admire it,” Mathias said. “You have nothing to prove to me, however. You bear no guilt in what transpired with the Cylon attack.”

“Thank you, Sir, but if one of the Basestars was disabled in the attack in Cerebus, this mission represents our best shot of getting access to their data before all their systems become corrupt. The personal risk to me is outweighed by the risk to your pilots and Marines if we were to assault a fully crewed Basestar.”

Mathias nodded and he turned his head to look at his XO, who shrugged. “He’s willing, Commander, and I say never look a gift horse in the mouth—worse case, there aren’t any Basestar remains left and the team comes home. Best case, we get the information we need in a system where the Cylons cannot stay around to disrupt our effort.”

The Commander sighed. “What will you need to do this, Sidewinder?”

“Doctor Sarris, Mister Anders, and two Raptors—Thumper has volunteered to fly the second bird. Two teams of Marines, which Captain Aisne has already put on notice.”


“We need to leave ASAP,” answered Anders. “If the computer database is still intact, it won’t be for long—if everything goes well, three, maybe four, hours.”

Mathias sighed. “Approved. Sidewinder, you are in command—Mister Anders, you come back in one piece. That is a direct order, soldier.”

Samuel Anders grinned. “My coaches said I’m the world’s worst for following directions, Commander—but I’ll do my best to follow that one.”

Mathias stood. “Then Gods-speed, gentlemen. And good hunting.”

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