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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Parenthetically, am I right to think that the only time we saw McCoy fire a weapon was when he killed the salt monster in "The Mantrap"?
There may have been more, but at least one other time comes readily to mind.

In fact, I think McCoy kills more creatures/people with a hand phaser than Kirk did.

McCoy (2)
Kirk (1) In that ep also.

I had a discussion about this a long time ago on the TOS newsgroup. It included such fasssscinating minutia such as did the Klingon he shot in "Errand of Mercy" survive that long fall. And did Kirk have his phaser set on kill near the end of ST III.

Meanwhile NuKirk in his very first appearance offs about 15 guys.

re the kissing scene: Guys, guys...that kind of thing is simply Abrams weakness. Alias and Lost were rife with that sort of thing. We simply have to accept it and move on....just be glad that Paula Cole didn't start playing in the background.
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